【Flightline】FixIts Mouldable eco-plastic, for when you’re in a Fix

【Flightline】FixIts Mouldable eco-plastic, for when you’re in a Fix


Product Description

FixIts are mouldable eco-friendly plastic sticks that can be used to solve a number of challenges around your home, garden, tech, workplace and more – FixIts is the new kitchen drawer essential.

Product Details
  • Measurements 

    150mm tall x 16mm wide x 4mm deep

Product Features

—This Mixed Pack of 3 : FixIts sticks in our signature orange*1, black*1 and white*1.

Here are some of the benefits of using FixIts!

—Easy to Use: Using FixIts is as easy as putting the kettle on, plus they can be moulded any which way, shape or form.—Quick: Life’s full enough, and you’re busy, so the sticks have a short setting time – it means no waiting around.
—Reusable: With no expiry date, each stick can be reused time and time again. Simply re-heat in water to melt and mend.
—Strong: Once set, FixIts is solid, tough and can take anything life throws its way.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg



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